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Questions for Automobile Appraisal Specialist


If you’re planning to buy an antique or vintage vehicle, you’ll need to hire an automobile appraisal specialist. This expert will help you determine if the car you’re eyeing is worth its price tag and if it would let you enjoy a high ROI. However, with the numerous appraisers available, how exactly can you choose the right person to hire? Finding the right specialist isn’t an easy process, but you can make it less challenging by asking these questions:


What are your credentials?

Determining the value of cars and other big-ticket items requires special skills and knowledge, which is why appraisers need to go through intensive training before they can start serving their clients. Specifically, they have to take and finish personal property appraising courses that are organized by a reputable institution, and they should have the certification to prove it. They should also be a member of an appraisers’ organization.

How long have you been an appraiser?

Just like other professionals, car appraisers develop better skills and gain more knowledge as they spend more years in the business. Because of this, it’s advisable to hire an experienced appraiser since they can provide you with excellent services and give you your money’s worth.


What are your specialties?

Different appraisers have different specialties. Some, for example, focus on muscle cars, while other concentrate on foreign-made vehicles. Know the specialty of your appraiser to ensure they can help you achieve your goals.


Will you personally inspect the vehicle?

The answer should be “Yes”. Avoid appraisers who would send someone else to look at the car then simply consolidate the findings into a document. Instead, look for an expert who will personally check the vehicle and take note of every flaw or potential problem. This way, you know you can trust their report and put faith in their recommendations.


Let these questions guide you to the right automobile appraisal specialist! If you’re based in Saint Louis, MO, you don’t need to worry since Automobile Appraisal Service & Special Interest Autos is always here to help you. Call me now at (314) 821-4015 to learn more about my appraisal services and book an appointment with me!


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